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5 Ways To Promote Your Brand With Custom T-shirts

The key to promoting your brand successfully with a t-shirt is getting people to wear them as much as possible so in turn you can get a lot of people to know about your business.

Ensure your t-shirt carries your website address, contact information and hashtags etc. Then:

1. Get your staff to put on your branded t-shirts in store when out and about on official assignments. Remember they are your brand ambassadors & should advertise your brand.

2. Host a social media competition that will involve customers wearing your customized tee shirts. Ask them to take pictures and post it on social media.

3. Use your t-shirts as part of giveaway prizes or standalone consolation prices.

4. Use your t-shirt to promote special causes that are relevant to your community or industry thereby sending out a message that your brand isn’t just out to make money.

5. Just received a bad customer review, temper your unhappy customer with a branded t-shirt to empathize with them and apologize for the situation.

First impressions are extremely important and a poor t-shirt can damage your brand by sending out a message that your brand is cheap and of poor quality.

So contact us for that quality T-shirt that effectively promotes your brand

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