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3 ways to choose a brand colour

brand colour
Finding the perfect brand colours for your business can sometimes be a difficult thing to do especially when you are starting off as a new business. Your brand colours should naturally depict the services and products you provide and also evoke some form of emotions from your customers. Check out the 3 easy ways to choose a brand colour below:

1. Have a brand message

Choosing a brand colour is really easy because it is connected to your brand message, so think about what message you are sending to your customers and clients and how you want them to perceive you as a brand. For example, Coca-Cola uses red and white because they want to be perceived as a vibrant brand which is attractive, Virgin also uses red to attract its customers and also gives great customer experience.

2. Think like your customer

Ask yourself this question “What do I want my customer to think of when they see my brand?” whatever the answers are, write them down and then choose 2 colours that resonate with the answers. If you want your customers to think of a classy, royal and wisdom inclined brand then choose purple, if you want your brand perception to be ore of trust, social and friendship then choose blue.

3. Stand out and blend in colours

Your colours should be unique and help your brand stand out on its own, some brand colours blend along with others while some stand out from a distance. An example Is MTN's brand colours which are yellow as a stand out colour and blue as a blend in colour. Either way, both colours complement each other and reflect the brand message of the organization.

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